Spectre 2010

Remembering a life through platforming


  • Unique concept
  • Great style
  • Atmospheric


  • Annoying voice

Not bad
Spectre is about an old man, who is trying to recall his life. The game can be played multiple times, and each time you can find and recall nine of Joseph's memories.

As you move between the ages of Joseph's life, various memories are floating around, and can be remembered if you touch them. Some are better than others, and you can recall nine in each play-through. There are over a hundred memories to find in Spectre, and they combine to make fifty-two different endings, so there's certainly a lot of game here.

Gameplay in Spectre is simple, using the only the cursor keys along with the Space bar to jump. It's not a difficult game as such, although sometimes it's hard to avoid memories you don't want to touch!

Spectre's graphical style is great, and the sound effects are really atmospheric. The memories Joseph finds are subtitled and voice acted, which is probably the weakest part of the game. The voice is not convincing as an old man, and pushes Spectre's experience from interesting into pretentious at times.

Spectre is a unique game, though more of a relaxing experience than anything challenging.



Spectre 2010

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